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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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Final aside on Pete and Myka: Squabbling brother and sister is never the effect achieved. What you get is middle school boy and girl who don't know how to relate sexually. Myka as closet lesbian? Maybe. Four years of unresolved sexual tension is nothing for TV land .
But I'm not picking up on any sexual tension there. Even when a show keeps the couple apart, there's usually lots of will-they-or-won't-they teasing in the air. But on WH13 there's none of the usual longing looks or jealousy over potential rivals you get when TV shows are playing that game. And, unless I'm forgetting, they haven't even done the obligatory "going undercover as honeymooners" trope that shows with unresolved sexual tension almost always go for . . . .
There was one episode where they woke up naked in bed together and didn't remember what had led to it, but it turned out that the reason they did that was because they knew they would forget something urgent that they had to remember, and since they both knew they would absolutely never end up in bed together under any circumstances, finding themselves in that situation would compel them to investigate and discover what really happened. So that story depended on the definitive absence of any romantic interest between them. I wonder if the whole point of that was to tweak those fans who mistakenly perceive sexual tension between them.

But then, there are always fans who imagine sexual tension where absolutely none is intended to exist. That's how the slash-fanfiction genre came into being in the first place. Although these days you're more likely to see intentional slash subtext, like Mkya and H.G. -- or Sherlock and John in Sherlock, at least where everyone around them is concerned. So it's become more of a general "shipping" thing. For any two characters in a fictional franchise (or across different franchises), you'll find someone who imagines them as lovers, no matter how insanely wrong a pairing it is.
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