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Re: Baltimore! ... oh, shit. Now what?

Canton is hip but expensive.

6079SmithW already covered the big stuff. Baltimore also has a lot of options for live music, several excellent museums (one of my favorite places in the world is the American Visionary Arts Museum), a wide variety of ethnic restaurants, world-class health care (we'll hope you don't have the opportunity to use much of that), and a good zoo.

Since I don't know what kinds of things you actually enjoy, I don't know what else to mention. Oh yeah, I do... Shore Leave every summer.

Also, easy access to D.C.

Edited to add:

Public transportation is variable. The light rail and subway are great, but how useful you'll find them will depend on what part of the city or surrounding area you live in. I've never had the opportunity to use either! Bus service is much more widespread, but not as efficient.

Feel free to ask anything else you think of. Of the top of my head, I don't have any suggestions for neighborhoods to live in, but I'll be glad to give feedback on places you consider.

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