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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

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Chrysalis (Babylon 5) - I'm finally at the season 1 finale. It was pretty good, although it did have some goofy, head scratching moments. A cocoon, really? If Deleen doesn't come out of it as a butterfly, I'll be disappointed I'm not a fan of shadowy orginazations in general, so I'm not too excited to see the guy and his invisible aliens. Also, when it comes to Kosh's "secret", it hasn't been a secret since the first episode. I saw his room, saw a light behind his curtain, and thought

I don't know too much about him, but I'm pretty sure I'm right about that, especially since I did kind of get spoilered in another thread, not that it was much of a spoiler. I really hope Londo stays around. From what I've heard, the B5 cast is basically a revolving door, with few characters/actors staying more than a season or two. I know Sinclair is gone next season, except for special appearances. I know Ivanova eventually leaves and doesn't show back up (except for maybe the last episode). I hope Londo stays around for awhile. Overall, this episode was pretty good, although the cocoon and invisible aliens were really, really goofy. The cocoon so much so that I think the show may have just jumped the shark. Still, i'm enjoying this, and will probably get season 2 when I can afford it.

Comparing B5 to Farscape, they have their strengths and weaknesses. Farscape has better developed main characters (the B5 exception being Londo, who is awesome), but farscape also has Chiana, one of the mkost annoying sci fi characters. B5 has a few bland characters (like the doctor), but no bad/annoying characters. Farscape had more bad episodes, but B5 had more bland episodes. I like them both, but I can't really put one over the other. I would almost give the advantage to Farscape, I really like a lot of the characters/main story, but Chiana, mixed with a weak beginning to its second season (which I'm watching) pretty much makes it even with B5 so far.
You should find both shows consistently good most of the time, very soon. S1 of Babylon 5 is much better on a rewatch, where you can realy appreciates everything that was set up.
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