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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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1. This is simply incorrect. There are many things to indicate this, including the fact that they DIDN'T SHARE WHAT THEY FOUND WITH ANYONE ELSE. And indeed, that there was no indication that they would ever consider doing so.
Who were they going to share it with? Nobody seemed particularly inclined to go into the Briar Patch.

It's not their planet. It wasn't colonized by the federation. The Ba'ku never joined the federation.

So how are the Ba'ku subject to the power of an organization that they are not and never were members of?

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With regards to point 2, I'll just say that, as with the Maquis, I'd find it a lot more relevant if the movie wasn't set in a universe where relocating 600 people is a hell of a lot easier for all parties concerned than it would be, say, on Earth in the present.

The federation can't claim emanate domain on a sovereign planet. EMANATE DOMAIN DOESN'T WORK THAT WAY.

What is so hard to grasp about the fact that the Ba'ku aren't part of the federation?

I mean its not like Star Trek didn't go to the trouble of showing how planets become part of the federation or that if a sovereign planet says no the federation that they leave.

You're still caught up in the eminent domain analogy. It doesn't really matter whether they're technically a Federation planet at all.
So your supporting imperialism basically.
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