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^ you know, I have the same old Logitech optical mouse that I think I've used for the past 10-ish years. I've never needed a new one...

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just for Holdfast
What am I meant to be seeing here? I'm guessing there was a photo here at some point? Sorry, must have missed it when it was first posted.

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That if you go to the airport ticket counter and the agent tells you that the "seat assignments are under gate control" that means the flight is oversold and they will ask for volunteers to take the next flight out. It wasn't me, it was a nice older couple at the counter while I was using the self service check in.

I confirmed an earlier learning to not take the first offer. Because I didn't have to be back that day for anything, I was able to collect a $500 flight voucher, 5K airline miles, and I got upgraded to first for my troubles on the next flight out, 90 minutes later.
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