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TIL once again that good looks can be deceiving.

My wireless mouse was becoming more of a chore to use, because of the large receiver that sticks out of the USB port. Not a problem on a workstation, but a bit cumbersome on a laptop. So I looked for a suitable replacement. Both Microsoft and Logitech have been making mouse models with very small receivers that barely stick out 0.5" from the USB port. I decided to try two different Microsoft models, the 4000 and the 6000. The 6000 is a little more expensive than the 4000, but has more visual appeal (to me). But, I found the 4000 to be a better mouse. I has one less button (a small size button the right) but is otherwise the same functionally. Yet the 4000 is better contoured for the human hand and there's no flashy chrome strips to gather up fingerprints. It really feels better in my hand. So... looks are sometimes deceiving!

Incidentally, all of us are using keyboards and I'm sure a notable number use a mouse (as opposed to a touch pad or track ball). We use these every time we operate a computer. As such, don't skimp on them. It's so well worth paying a little more for something that works well for you. Every time you operate that keyboard or mouse, you're getting a better experience with a well designed input device, something that has a subtle but cumulative effect on your time on the computer. In this case, cheap becomes expensive!
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