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Control - the choice itself comes just moments after you'd argued against TIM and his desire to control the Reapers. Minutes later though, it's not a problem?
In the original ending control seemd like the most "stable" choice as it didn't kill EDI or the Geth and didn't overtly destroy the relays. Besides, Reaper Shep could just fix them. In all it left the galaxy closest to status quo.

Synthesis - No chance. In a moment you're signing up to changing all organic life in the galaxy at a cellular level without anyone's consent.
Yeah, this one was obviously supposed to be the utopia/happy ending and is clearly favored by bioware. Its got lots of problems and basically turns everyone into the borg. I admit I picked it on my second play through but I plan to correct that mistake later.

Destroy - the best of a bad bunch. Although technically a win, it comes at the cost of carrying out genocide against the Geth.
Agreed. It is the best one and was a no brainer for my renegade Shep. The Geth and EDI are acceptable losses. I'll be choosing this one to correct my earlier error.

Refuse - well, refuse is just Bioware showing us the middle finger for daring to not like the original endings.
I think this is the worst choice. So Shep is just going to stand there and watch the galaxy get reaped when they have their hands on a reaper off gun? Seriously? I think its worse than synthesis. At least you stop the reapers with synthesis.
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