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The end to ME3 was just a clusterfuck.

The Reaper cycle effectively came down to "Synthetic Reapers harvest organic species in order to save them from being wiped out by Synthetics in the future".....erm, right.

The end didn't really sit too well with me - why on earth would you be taking advice from the enemy CinC?
Agree here absolutely. Why would you trust him at all?

Part of the theory was that the galaxy united for the first time to stand against the Reapers - why exactly would that have anything to do with the Intellect/Catalyst changing its mind that the cycle was broken?

It changes nothing about its purpose that I can see.

Instead, it really reminds me more of Neo meeting the Architect in Matrix 2 - its just another level of control.

The most logical response - he's lying.

Plus, whichever way you went you were left with the feeling that you'd only 'won' because the enemy let you win.
Can't say I had that take away - I felt more like I got there, there was nothing they could do to stop me at that point, so it tried to shape my choices based on its POV.

Control - the choice itself comes just moments after you'd argued against TIM and his desire to control the Reapers. Minutes later though, it's not a problem?
Well, that's the 'evil' choice IMO. I have a hard time justifying that one, especially as you've been fighting against that premise since the beginning, and what's more, the developers forced you into it.

If the Illusive Man was right, and Shepard was willing to go along with that, why not just work with him from the beginning? Even if he is indoctrinated - you just betray him at the last second, and in that case its justified IMO.

And again, I have to wonder if the Reapers can be controlled. They don't explain the mechanism where that works worth a damn, and I'd need far better assurances that they wouldn't break free next Tuesday and go about their business again.

Synthesis - No chance. In a moment you're signing up to changing all organic life in the galaxy at a cellular level without anyone's consent.
I agree that's morally repugnant, but I went with this one as the best of several bad option. Changing organic life at the cellular level is bad. Committing genocide against the Geth and killing EDI IMO is worse.

Destroy - the best of a bad bunch. Although technically a win, it comes at the cost of carrying out genocide against the Geth.
Couldn't do it. I see them as sentient, and therefore alive, and I couldn't kill EDI. This was the worst option to me. The mass murderer option. The Reapers deserve to die. There's an entire chapter devoted to why the Geth don't - and in my play through Legion sacrificed himself to bring them to full sentience. Now I have to murder them to get rid of the Reapers? Fuck that's low.

Refuse - well, refuse is just Bioware showing us the middle finger for daring to not like the original endings.
My take as well.

Plus the 'breath' scene at the end of 'Destroy+' really pissed me off. FFS, it's the end of Shepard's story - you've said countless times that he/she won't be in the next game -why would you possibly end that story with a scene like that?! Either kill the character, or don't, but don't leave us in limbo! According to Chris Priestly we're supposed to head canon our own ending. Well, after 5 years, and hundreds of hours playing the character, thanks for letting me pay 40 for the privilege of imagining my own ending.....

Suffice to say, I was not impressed.......

I think the Reapers as the receptacles of life for the next cycle is an interesting thought - it actually makes the reason the universe is the way it is not completely friggin' insane as the current 'explanation.' There's a lot of hints toward that, I'm sure I'm not the only one that's thought of that.

And would make for an interesting play ground for the next series of games.
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