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Re: Is fantasy more popular than science fiction? If so why?

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Untrue. Ewa is entirely explainable in scientific terms with no recourse to the "supernatural" required.

In Avatar, Ewa is simply the super-consciousness of the combined Pandoran ecosystem. The technologically unsophisticated Na'vi may worship this super-consciousness, but in terms of reality it is akin to the natives' worship of Vaal in "The Apple", or the Bajoran Prophets. Actual beings that relatively primitive people have elevated to the status of divinity in some fashion.
Planet wide "super-consciousness," falls close enough for me into the range of fantasy and way outside of at least Trek sci-fi where repeatedly they debunk such notions as nonsense.

Check out Star Trek V the film and why, 'god doesn't need a Starship.'

Asking the question in a different way: If I understand you correctly you see no qualitative difference in genre between say the Twilight Series or the Potter books and films and Trek in terms of format, style, narrative etc when it comes to their respective approaches to the notion of 'fantasy,' versus science fiction?

Or is it simply that any storyline in space [what ever the elements] is both fantasy and science fiction to you?

Another great example for me is the film Serenity but the difference between say Avatar and Serenity in terms of the 'supernatural parts,' is they explained the Zombies - albeit eventually - by using science rather than supernatural elements.
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