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Re: Cartoon Network Returning Genre Shows Sat AM

^ Oh right, Artemis too of course.

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Jaime's conversation with Impulse about Ray Palmer was nice...
You mean Ted Kord, the previous Blue Beetle. Ray Palmer was the original Atom.
Doh, right! Though technically Al Pratt was the original Atom.

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In the comics, she didn't get married, but rather got pregnant by an ex-boyfriend, who was a petty criminal (as she herself was before meeting Icon), while she was still a teenager. I guess the network probably didn't want them going there with her character, and besides, it's been five years so she's an adult now. So there's no way of telling where they're planning to go with this.
Hmm, true yeah. I suppose it's possible that we never meet the guy and if YJ gets a third season and jumps forward in time again (Weisman's confirmed it will in Q&A) we might see her as a single mother because he died in the interim or left her?

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I thought I saw her for a second at that bridal shower.
Yep, she was there:
Ah right, thanks! It was a pretty quick shot and I was trying to identify everybody, so must have just missed her somehow.
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