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Re: What do want to see from a new series

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Idea #2...

- New ship and crew in the 24th Century Prime Universe, sometime after the Dominion War. Ship's mission is patrol through the still devastated Alpha/Beta Quadrants, assisting with rebuilding efforts and maintaining galactic order. It could bring back that 'Old West in space' kind of field that made TOS awesome.

- I'm not opposed to an alien captain but, it has to be someone that a TV audience can relate to and understand. Vulcans, Trill, Bajorans and Betazoids would probably work best.

- The ship doesn't have to be a new design. Re-using one of the ship designs from TNG/DS9/VOY would cut down on the show's development costs and help the audience be more comfortable with the new show right from the start. That might prove crucial since the setting is a galaxy recovering from war's devastation and filled with conspiracy and intrigue. That's not your typical rosy 'let's see what kind of mysteries we can uncover in the Great Unknown' type of setting you expect from Star Trek.
All things I would like to see
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