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If the Daleks then why not the Time Lords?

I'm not totally understanding why or how it is that the Daleks still manage to be a threat in virtually every season of NuWho. The 2005 season very clearly stated that the Daleks were supposed to have been destroyed in the Time War, and the Doctor is shocked when he runs into them. I think it was the season that suggested that the only way for the Daleks to survive were for themt o start stealing humans and remaking them into Daleks.

Now it seems that all of the traditional Daleks are back and that the very idea of them being wiped out in the Time War has been forgotten.

So the question is why have the Daleks been spared from extermination but the Time Lords are virtually extinct? I'm not familiar with vintage Who, but does the show work better creatively with there being only one Time Lord?
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