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Re: Warehouse 13 Season 4 (discussion, spoilers)

NrobbieC wrote: View Post
"That looks like a Klingon battle axe"
Forbin wrote: View Post
It really didn't.
I didn't think so either, but another weapon on that same rack looked a lot like a Vulcan lirpa!

I would also hope that there's been something discovered in the time of Warehouse 9 thru 13 that would counteract that disease. They did say it was the deadliest artifact of Warehouse 8, not of all time. So will we see the German family after the break, or were they just in for this episode?

As for Artie, I'd say he's injured, but definitely not out for the count. I'm guessing the real reason anti-Artie wanted the dagger was not to keep it from Claudia, but to "cast out" his good side permanently.
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