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Baltimore! ... oh, shit. Now what?

Denizens of the Trek BBS, particularly those on the East Coast, lend me your ears!

Through a series of unfortunate events (lost my job due to "organizational restructuring," job market for digital marketing in Wisconsin sucks out loud), I have accepted a job offer in ... Baltimore.

It's a huge change for me. I've only ever lived in Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin, and I'm moving out there completely on my own (that's a whole other story).

The job is going to be great, as it's with a company that I greatly respect and admire (and I have friends in the office), and the firm has been aggressively recruiting me for a while, so I'm not concerned about that part.

What I am concerned about, however, is everything else. What's the city like?

The office is in the Canton neighborhood, so I'd like to find a place to live somewhere nearby. Is that a decent neighborhood? Is it expensive? Is there any public transit worth a shit? What is there to do in the city? What should I do for fun, what should I avoid?

Basically ... help! Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
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