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Yeah, looks like pushing the trilogy without the DLC content is a way to get the DLC content sold. Odd choice.

I'm holding out hope they release a 4th option as a DLC which is a better ending. I probably shouldn't, but the moral implications were pretty horrific in all 3.

Killing Edi and the newly innocent and sentient Geth were simply not an option for me. I REALLY wanted to destroy the Reapers, but I wasn't willing to commit genocide on a race that had already been victimized to do so.

Control you were fighting against the entire time. I have a hard time thinking that Shepard would be able to consistently control million year old intellects that were gestalts of entire races. Eventually he either becomes corrupt or is overwhelmed.

Synthesis itself was icky - making that choice for yourself is OK, but forcing it on every organic in the galaxy? That in of itself would cause chaos as people were changed into cybernetic beings against their will. Talk about a violation of civil rights and a prime breeding ground for chaos and terrorism. Those end scenes were just fantasy.

Overall didn't case for the Deus Ex Machinae ending, especially embodied in a god child that had no foreshadowing whatsoever.

And why exactly would Shepard BELIEVE him when he presented the choices? This is the being that is responsible for millions of years of galactic holocausts in the first place!

Great series. Shitty ending.

There's all sorts of potential for further shit hitting the fan after this ending. The problem being you have 3 endings, so you have to chose an 'official' choice after this - and that might invalidate your character's story. Each of the 3 has great possibilities - but may not be the choice you made, so any story divergence past this point is extremely problematic.
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