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Re: Federation Law of restricting cloaking device

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Could/should we re-imagine "shields" from being a skin-covering forcefield and change it into the name of Starfleet's standard CIWS system?
Possibly so - but the Narada also had "shields" according to our heroes, and never demonstrated any sort of CIWS.
But was never fired on either until the very end of the movie. Kelvin poured phaser fire into the Narada for a good twenty minutes, but we didn't get to see whether those shots landed or how much damage they did; more importantly, we don't really know to what extent the Reboot shields would be that useful against energy weapons.

Also, the Kelvin crew wonders if their shields were even up after Nero makes such short work of their ship in the first attack. How could they not know whether the CIWS system was up or not...
They knew. It was a rhetorical question.

...And their ability to go through shields as if they weren't there - an ability either related or unrelated to the submunitions trick. Certainly it could be that each warhead individually is "powerful" and "advanced" by 23rd century standards.
They don't seem to be, though. Visually and in terms of the damage they do, they're not that much more powerful than a standard photon torpedo, it's just that there's a whole hell of a lot of them and they all hit at once. That either overwhelms their forcefields by attacking at multiple points at once, or the phasers/forcebeams that constitute "shields" simply can't deflect that many fast moving objects at the same time.
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