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The Next Generation awakened in me a feeling of terrible and suffocating yearning — that hopeless childish escape wish that's the wake of a certain kind of fantasy. That feeling that in a different world you'd be happy. I carefully recorded each episode on our VCR — I remember buying the VHS tapes, in cellophane-wrapped three-packs — and typed out labels on an enormous electric typewriter. One VHS tape held two Next Generation episodes, plus commercials, so I had to fast-forward through the first episode in order to get the episode-length timings. "Who Watches the Watchers 0:00:00" b/w "Deja Q 0:58:59." This seemed extremely important, possibly because so many Next Generation episodes themselves hinged on matters of fine timing, radiation leaks with critical exposure imminent, warp jumps that had to be calculated to the nanosecond (yet somehow always involved a character yelling "Now!").
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