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Re: Yet Another Rewatch Thread...

Not sure if anyone is still following but....

"Heart of Stone"

A nice Character episode with a surprise at the end. as for the subplot, it is nice to see nog know his limits.

5 out of 10


This is a ok episode, and its nothing spectacular, though there is some humor with the cardasian crushing on the Chief. But its nothing special to write home about.

5 out of 10

"Prophet Motive"

This is not a good ferengi episode, the bashir getting nominated for a award is a better plot line. In fact, this is just a bad episode.

4 out of 10


After a couple of best lukewarm episodes, this one knocks it out of the park, where there is a time shift and the Chief keeps seeing himself dead in the future. This is one of the better "good examples" of star trek Deep Space Nine, not the best, but a good example of what the story telling of the show can lead to.

8 out of 10

"Distant Voices"

This episode is bad, REALLY bad plot. however the makeup and acting is better then one would expect, the acting is better then one would expect, and leads to this episode being better thing it has the right to be. Having the tailor around never hurts.

6 out of 10

"Through the Looking Glass" -- Or how to sleep with you female command staff without getting in trouble.

I will just say that the plot is fun, the actress that Plays Jennifer is stunning, and I am sure the actors had fun playing evil. That and my jokes are not as funny as i think they are, and I do not think they are that funny

7 out of 10

"Improbable Cause"

Garak's Shop goes boom.
Odo and Garak search for clues
By Tain, the Tailor

8 out of 10

"The Die is Cast"

A fun episode where things rush headlong into a trap, and we learn the founders are the sneaky sort. Excellent episode.

8 out of 10


This episode should on all accounts be a failure. But it just works.

6.5 out of 10

"Family Business"

After a great run of episodes, they hit this. it is bad.

4 out of 10


This episode feels almost rushed, as it almost feels like it should be a two parter. however this Shakaar is much more fun to watch then the boring man that be became as first minister.

6 out of 10


This is a quiet, rather boring episode. Just calling it like I see them, as I know some like this episode. Though seeing spots on Odo is fun. And not a huge fan of Leeta.

4 out of 10

"The Adversary"

A very good episode, but not quite the barnburners that a lot of season finals turn into (though the opening of season 4 is a barnburner). But it is a great paranoid monster hunting episode.

8 out of 10
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