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Re: Once Upon A Time - Season 2 Thread

Several things left me scratching my head...
1. Was Regina just pretending to not know who Jefferson was? My money is on her playing dumb to throw Emma off guard. The Queen remembered the hat just fine.
2. Who was the guy at the beginning? He received a postcard that read "broken." Is it Bael? Is it Hook? If he is another fairytale character, how did he get out of Storybrooke? Thus far only August, Henry and Emma have been able to leave.
3. Who is Whale's prince, and who is Whale?

I loved it when Regina tried to smite the small folk and it did not work. That made me chuckle.

Belle went walking in a dress and heels in the midst of a demonic wind storm?

Will we see August or Jefferson this season?
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