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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

About the shooting in New York thing? I'm a Brit, a License Fee payer, but I'm not bitter about that. I just really don't think the spectacle that New York should have came across in the episode. The shot where Amy and The Doctor walk through Time Square looked composited too me. And while there were people when Rory was "getting" the coffee, Central Park seemed devoid of live for the most part, especially when we only see the same 3 extras in the background for most of the Doc/Rory/Amy shots. Considering what they got seemed awfully underwhelming to me, I just felt like it may as well have been shot in the UK for presumably less expense.


I mean, look at this shot from the End of Captain America.

In 20 seconds, they've established that it's New York, it looks like New York and feels like New York. 20 seconds. Now sure, Captain America is a big budget movie, but Doctor Who is now a high production value show, especially this year when Matt Smith and Moffat made a big deal about each episode being a mini movie. All that makes the Cap shot work is the camerawork. Low angle, show off the city and the fact its a sprawling metropolis. Something like that would have sold the whole "Rory is lost and the Doc and Amy go looking for him to no avail" bit far better than the flat "run across a street, magically end up at the Tardis miles away" shot/cut we got.
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