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Re: Episode of the Week: Hide and Q

Riker: I could have saved that girl.
Picard: You were right not to try.

I bet any parent who had to suffer the tragedy of losing their child would agree with Picard 100% on this. Picard has demonstrated a profound understanding of how important a child can mean to a parent.

Picard: I'm not a family man, Riker. And yet, Starfleet has given me a ship with children aboard. I don't feel comfortable with children.

Did I say understanding? Let me rephrase that. I mean complete and utter loathing. You know humanity is not headed for a bright and promising future when the man chosen to make contact with new alien life forms openly says he hates children and still has the gall to say things like how humanity will one day be compared to angels and gods. That scene in question where Picard tells Q that he believes this is where humanity is headed is just gut wrenchingly bad. Far worse than the Tasha "penalty box" ordeal. I NEVER interpret Q hastily vanishing after throwing the book at Picard because he knows Picard is right, but because Picard is being such an insufferable cardboard that to hear any more of what he has to say would almost make me want to shove Picard into an airlock myself.

Picard: We've grown out of our infancy.

And this isn't even the first situation where the crew bring a dead person back to life. And why shouldn't they? There are some real life situations where patients actually enter a state of death while they're being treated on, and doctors were still able to revive them with the tools they had. Beverly Crusher did this just a few episodes ago!

Beverly: I am a physician and watched her die. If you doubt the nature of this poison, why don't you try it on yourself?

So why is it that we can bring some people back from the dead in certain cases, but we mustn't bring them back in others? Why is Yareena, a greedy selfish person who wanted to kill Tasha Yar in front of a live audience more worthy of being brought back to life than a young innocent child?
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