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Re: Silence in the Library/Forrest of the Dead in retrospect

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I haven't seen the episodes in a long time, but I watched the River Song Timeline thing on Youtube over the weekend, and the scene where River and the Doctor (David Tennant) first meet in the library, I really felt for her. I really loved the subtle emotion of they are married, but the Doctor doesn't even know it and the sadness that she had.

I do have a bit of a confusion though. Who is the river we see post the season 6 finale? I thought that was kind of the end of River and that scene where she first meets Amy and then comes back to Amy's back yard was kind of an epilogue. How does their adventures in this last finale affect her timeline? Are they just continuing adventures and she is still moving backwards on a collision course to the imaginary world inside the library, or is she creating another paradox?
In the series 6 finale scene in Amy's backyard, she had just encountered the Weeping Angels in the two-part episode. I get the impression that they are now traveling roughly parallel with each other (since she is now a professor and out of prison). Certainly to the point where they can avoid confusing each other.
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