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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

I've watched it multiple times now. The first half is a tad annoying and doesn't make that much sense, and the Statue of Liberty Angel is completely ridiculous. Given the "rules" of the Weeping Angels, I don't think it's possible in New York City, even an earlier New York City in the 1940's or whenever this was, that there is a time where absolutely nobody is looking at the thing. The Rule is, if someone is looking at it then it can't move. And here we have it next to a building while cars drive by on the other side of the building, blissfully unaware what's going on. Surely someone saw it walking across the River to get there, and if they did then it couldn't have done it.

Yes, it's funny but it makes zero sense.

Having said all that, From the bit where Rory says he has to jump and then Amy joining him, that for me is one of the most powerful scenes ever in Doctor Who. I didn't think they were going to die from the fall (and I was right) but Amy's speech about "it's together, or not at all" really hit home with me for some reason.

The bit after that in the grave yard felt a bit rushed up until Amy decided to let the Angel take her as well, but her acting and Matt Smith's acting were amazing. Matt Smith does sad upset distraught Doctor really well.

And Amelias Afterword... that gave me shivers. I would have actually been impressed if they'd had a scene in the can shot back when The Eleventh Hour was made of The Doctor coming back to young Amy, but I guess in Retrospect it would have taken away from that final scene a little bit. And they couldn't film it now because the girl who plays little Amy has probably grown quite a bit since then, she was even obviously older in her Scenes in "Let's Kill Hitler" and "The God Complex".
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