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Re: Lucy Liu cast as Watson in CBS' Sherlock Holmes show

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Ah, this is solely about trashing Elementary as an imaginary vindication of Sherlock.
Listen: I'm glad you like the show. Many people agree with you. Many people don't.

It's an interesting circumstance, however, that there are two modern day Sherlock Holmes currently on the airwaves, so comparisons are inevitable.

Personally, Sherlock is a much better show. Not only are the characters more sharply crafted, so are the stories. I think there's a boldness that is lacking in Elementary. I think Sherlock uses the tools of a visual medium in a much more compelling fashion.

But, do carry on. Enjoy the show. But don't mistake your opinion for fact or that you are being persecuted because people disagree with your opinion.
If you actually read my posts you would see I'm reserving judgment, but find the Liu's Watson's tensions with Miller's Sherlock interesting, possibly inspired by The Zero Effect.

Comparisons should be inevitable. I found the CBS version of Watson more believable than the BBC version, which I could not accept as both an alleged adult and a friend of a self-proclaimed sociopath. Personally, I think the notion that Sherlock's sensationalism is bold, or sharp, or well-crafted fails to see how close Sherlock is to unintentional camp. But we agree that Sherlock is more extreme, you and others just choose adjectives that sound more favorable to Sherlock. (I choose adjectives that are more accurate of course.)

The problem with these peculiar posts is that Sherlock being more extreme does not make Elementary "bland" or "generic" or whatever other buzzword you people choose to throw out. That stuff would be nonsense if it hasn't become obvious that the intent is to foreclose any positions other than Sherlock=good and Elementary=bad. This aim is so important for whatever childish reason that posters keep writing the most peculiar things.

For instance, Miller's Holmes spent far more time in conflict with Watson than in making quips at the expense of the cops. Or indeed making quips at all. That should show people that Elementary is not a generic copy of Monk, House or The Mentalist. How very tiresome then to insist on saying such nonsense.

Final aside on Pete and Myka: Squabbling brother and sister is never the effect achieved. What you get is middle school boy and girl who don't know how to relate sexually. Myka as closet lesbian? Maybe. Four years of unresolved sexual tension is nothing for TV land and means nothing though. I think the episode about the agents in love was not just a standalone story but a parallel story.
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