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Re: Where's Miss Chicken?

LOL I love the down-under writing. How did you do that?

As for Dream's comment: I think we should give him/her the benefit of the doubt. Remember that not everyone here is a native speaker of English and a literal translation of a foreign phrase might at times turn out a bit bewildering.
For example, 'killing two birds with one stone' would in my country be understood only in the most literal sense and be severely frowned upon as an unthinkable cruelty to animals. In Germany, you instead 'hit two flies with one swatter', an expression which native speakers of English wouldn't recognize as proverbial but rather take literally.

Maybe the sleeping with fishes comment was another of these examples.
Or "the Fishes" is someone's nickname or username (not here, though - I checked), or it refers to some people named "Fish" or we are to take it most literally: she is on a vacation, drifts in a lake or in the sea, enjoying the water and dozing while being surrounded by fishies.

So, before we criticise Dream, we should first try to secure the facts instead of jumping to the worst possible conclusion, based on insufficient data.
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