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Episode of the Week: Hide and Q

PICARD: You said you had the realisation of impossible dreams to offer us. When this rescue is completed, I am prepared to listen carefully to whatever proposal you wish to make and subject to it being acceptable
Q: Subject to your foolish human values? Oh, come, Picard. Why do you distrust me so?
PICARD: Why? At our first meeting you seized my vessel. You condemned all humans as savages, and on that charge you tried us in a post-atomic twenty first century court of horrors, where you attacked my people. You again seized my vessel.
Q: And that angered you, did it? Seized my vessel, seized my vessel.
PICARD: You interfered with our Farpoint mission. You threatened to convict us as ignorant savages, if, while dealing with a powerful and complex life forms, we made the slightest mistake, and when that didn't happen
They’re mistreated by a more powerful being, and Picard’s response is to bark at him like an alpha dog? This is the guy Roddenberry wants in charge of first contact?

[Planet surface]

(sand and rocks under a green sky with yellow horizon)
I love this set. It reminds me of TOS.


PICARD: Security, this is the Captain. Security? Engineering, this is the Bridge.
(Control panels don't operate. Doors don't open)
PICARD: Turbolift Control, do you read? This is the Captain.
(But answer came there none)
Oh no, it’s Mark of Gideon!

TASHA: You've gone too far!
Q: Game penalty!
(Tasha vanishes)
What the fuck was she thinking?

TASHA: Well, I, er. It sounds strange, but I'm in a penalty box.
PICARD: A penalty box?
TASHA: Q's penalty box. It sounds strange, but it definitely isn't. I know that one more penalty by anyone and I'm gone.
TASHA: Yes! I am gone! It is so frustrating to be controlled like this!
PICARD: Lieutenant. Tasha, it's all right.
TASHA: What the hell am I doing? Crying?
No, Denise, you are not crying. What you are doing is delivering one of the worst performances in franchise history.

Granted, lines like this set you up to fail, but still...

PICARD: Don't worry. There's a new ship's standing order on the Bridge. When one is in the penalty box, tears are permitted.
TASHA: Captain. Oh, if you weren't a captain.
When one is in the 1960’s, this scene is permitted.

(He does a test firing. A rock blows up most satisfactorily)
WORF: Drop your weapons!
RIKER: I'm afraid that was me, Worf. I was checking to see if the phasers still operate.
LAFORGE: Incredible, Worf! You came out of nowhere.
WORF: A warrior's reaction.
He doesn’t know who or where the sniper is, so he jumps into the field of fire, points his phaser in a random direction, and shouts. A warrior’s reaction.

(He dashes to Worf)
RIKER: Look out!
PICARD: Wesley, no!
(Wesley gets bayoneted from behind. I confess, I cheered)
What the fuck was he thinking?

The “I cheered” snark is Chrissie’s, not mine.

(Wesley is transformed from teenager to hunk)
RIKER: You're ten years older. A man.
LAFORGE: Hey, Wes. Not bad.
RIKER: Well, my friend, I know what you want.
(He waves his hand in front of Geordi and takes off the visor)
LAFORGE: (to Tasha) You're as beautiful as I imagined, and more.
How come he can appreciate Wesley’s good looks with his VISOR but needs “normal” vision to appreciate Tasha’s?

RIKER: Proud warrior Worf, without a single tie to his own kind.
(A Klingon woman is kneeling at his feet. She gets up, tries to swipe at Tasha, and gets knocked down by Worf)
WORF: No! She is from a world now alien to me!
LAFORGE: Worf, is this your idea of sex?
WORF: This is sex. But I have no place for it in my life now.
He demonstrates his power by giving his friend a sex slave? Is this the 24th century or the 4th?
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