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Re: Movie Caption Contest #224: Back and forth...

Picard: Our sense of cinematic scope... it went thataway!

Picard: So what was that stuff on the boat about?

Riker: It was supposed to introduce us to viewers who've never seen the show in a non-obvious way.

Picard: But it didn't really do that did it? I mean, you got a vague idea of some of our personalities, but nothing about our jobs even that we work on a space ship. Which this scene is now having to do over. I mean, a well judged action opening may have been cliche, but it would have done both things at once by showing up reacting to a crisis professionally with a bit of banter to show who we are.

Riker: Yeah.

Picard: And it made Worf look like one of the films main leads even though he'll now do nothing for the rest of the movie except glower, even though his personal arch-enemies are the secondary villains.

Worf: WHAT?!

Riker: Yeah.

Picard: And I bet it was expensive as well... are we going to have to cut back on the final and kill the Klingons with stock footage?

Riker: Yeah.

Picard: Jeez, this movie sucks. I can't wait to become executive producer, then I'll tell them how to do it properly. Slow time hippies and dune buggies, that's what we need.

Geordi: ...And at maximum magnification, I can just about see the theory that comes closest to explaining in a sensible manner why we never see a model of Archer's Enterprise in the briefing room.
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