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2. I find it disturbing that some fans think that the property rights of a small village outweighs the welfare of billions, and that by throwing around the buzzword "imperialism," they can obfuscate that central part of the so-called "dilemma."
The settlers of the Americas or the colonizers of Africa probably said the same thing, what are a handful of savages compared to the well-being of millions of Europeans.
Picard asked Dougherty were he wants to draw the line. For us anti-imperialists the line is clear, never mess with another people. So tell us, where do you draw the line? Is it an absolute number or one relative to the population of the Federation? Where does your logic differ from Borg logic which perceives the assimilation of another lifeform into their collective as welfare-enhancing?

Your thinking is totalitarian, you elevate the potential medical benefits of some funky radiation upon the population of the Federation as supreme good in the galaxy. That is not how the liberal democratic Federation functions.
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