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Re: VOTE | Avatar Contest | Twilight/Absent Aliens/Space Shuttle

The polls are closed, and it's time to celebrate!

Some awesome entries this week, particularly in the Random theme. Great choice, HR.

First up, HopefulRomantic and Yours Truly tied for first place in the Episode contest, while JiNX-01 and R. Star came in a close second place. Oddly enough, jespah and Orac also tied for third. It seems nobody could make up their minds this time!

HopefulRomantic scored a double win by taking first place in the Theme contest, while jespah took second place.

And JiNX-01 took the Random contest with her explosive entry, while Orac earned some puppy kisses.

Thanks, as always, to those who voted for me, and congrats to my fellow winners and the runners-up!

HR, I'm willing to run the next contest if you don't want to. Either way, we'll still need an ENT theme from you and a random theme from JiNX.
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