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Oh, big time. She's probably a C-lister now, at best, but at that time? Oh she was A-list all the way, up to and including winning an Oscar. She was also making one movie after another.

I have heard over the years that they reduced Troi's role to give Guinan more screen-time, and would quickly rewrite Troi's dialog to work in Ten-Forward whenever they knew Whoopi would be there. On those times when they had a real Guinan script, they booked her far ahead of time to make sure she was available.
Ah, thank you. The way they used her character makes sense now.

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How could an emotionless android be a better counselor than a partial empath
Because most of counseling is listening while people talk things out for themselves and pointing out irrationalities in thinking. Who better than Data to point out irrational thinking? The most effective form of therapy for most types of mental disorders is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is all about using logic to override dysfunctional thinking patterns.

Also, Data would be far easier to talk to than any human because you'd know nothing you said could possibly upset him. He's incapable of having his own feelings interfere with his judgement or of getting frustrated or shocked.

That's just my personal opinion, though. I have Bipolar II and I know I would find Data's calm rationality 1000x more helpful than Troi's empathy. I don't need someone to sense my feelings. I know how I feel. I need someone to tell me if the feelings have a basis in reality. Most of the others I know with mental disorders are the same. Sympathy or empathy may sound nice, but it's hard rationality which makes a difference in the end.
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