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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

Hatari! - DVD
Bachelorette - free admission
Hotel Transylvania 3D - free admission

First new movie of the month, and its John Wayne in Hatari!. Found it in the five dollar bin at Wal-Mart this mornin'...

My dad was a big fan of the Duke, but usually just in Westersn, so I haven't seen this one.

Just over an hour into it right now...and John Wayne does what he did back in the day, and it is a bit odd to see him in a semi-modern settin', ridin' in trucks & jeeps instead of on horses or wagons.

May go see a couple of movies before my shift tomorrow...

- edit, to add -

Went to Drafthouse S Lamar for Bachelorette today...and I blame Bridesmaids for this movie. A disparate group of women that make ya wonder why they are friends gather together for a weddin', they use foul language, and one of 'em is overweight.


At Drafthouse Slaughter now, waitin' for Hotel Transylvania 3D. It'll let out before my shift starts this evenin'.
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