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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

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Problem is, the public perception of Wonder Woman is mostly that of the Lynda Carter series...
Is it really? The target audience for your typical superhero feature film these days is in the 15-30 age range, more or less. Most of them wouldn't even have been born when the Carter series went off the air, and it's been quite a long time since it was in regular syndication. I think the generation that the movies will be targeted toward is more likely to know Wonder Woman from the Justice League animated series if at all.
I'm not so sure.. i believe the main audience of today's superhero movies consists of about 80% general audience who just want to see some hyped up, cool action movie with big scenes and cool special effects.

Apart from the biggest heroes like Superman, Batman, Spiderman and maybe X-Men they will know precious little about the backstories of characters beforehand.. ask any non-comic reader prior to Iron Man what they knew about Tony Stark and his main characteristics (i bet they wouldn't even know that in the comics he's an alcoholic which also was one of his most major storylines).

This is what Marvel absolutely did right.. take Captain America for example. Most people know about this guy in the star spangled uniform and his shield but that's about it. Maybe some remember a bit more if they read comics as a kid but it's not the majority.
So they made his intro movie complete with backstory and connected him to the greater Marvel movie universe (in fact.. his movie is essential if you want to get the whole Avengers picture) so we knew why Captain America was such a big deal and why Coulson was such a fangirl about him.

Depending on how they want to portray Wonder Woman and how important she is to the storyline it could take away from the whole movie if they have to spend time to introduce her and not let her be just this superstrong woman who could stand up to Superman in a fight.

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Superman Returns cost $270 million to make
I believe that number is a bit skewed because they included the money spent on the decade long development process including several team/director/producer changes and rewrites/test shots. Actual movie costs would most likely be in the "standard" range for movies this size.. i guess somewhere around the 150 million mark (and i still always wonder where all this money goes).
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