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Re: Castle Season 5 (including Spoilers)

Very good episode
I was expecting a funny episode and it didn't disappoint at all. The writers did a very good job connecting the case to the personal stories of Castle and Beckett and i commend them for it.

Back in season 4 i was, at some point, fed up with the whole subtext but in this one it worked again without feeling forced or just put in "for the fans" to tide them over to the big finale. It touched on a very real subject for them and they saw a variant of it that could come true for them in the future (loved the scene where the reporter described the initial stage of the relationship and both Castle and Beckett get instantly dreamy and think of what they are having now )

The humor was spot on and it felt like a good 'ole Castle episode from way back in season 1 or 2.. i was constantly smiling, grinning and often enough laughing and this is what i expect from Castle. If this keeps up during the whole season in general i believe we're in for a real treat.

What i like to mention especially is the evidence on how far they've actually come when compared to former seasons and how much we get to see. The small scene of Castle letting out the small kid in front of the green screen and Beckett observing him and smiling just shows why she loves this man.. it's not only his intelligence (Demming and Josh had this in spades too) but his inner child he so joyously lets out from time to time that she finds so attractive.

Additionally they finally TALK! I can't stress this enough.. much of their problems earlier resulted in both of them not laying it out and finding a solution. Granted.. she had issues and both of them were unwilling/unable to make the first step unless they were fighting but to a healthy relationship talking is essential.

Which brings me to Espo and Ryan.. i didn't expect them to make up so soon but i'm still happy. Espo realized it's still Ryan.. the guy he liked so much and who had his back all these years so he got over himself. I guess they will do some talking on their own over a beer and get it out.
Sidenote: Damn.. Ryan cracks me up everytime. He is just so awesome and they both need their own show once Castle is ending. You hear me Marlowe??

All in all a very good Castle episode.. keep going!
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