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Re: Cartoon Network Returning Genre Shows Sat AM

Really enjoyed this new episode of Young Justice, glad to have it back. Was interesting to get (essentially) confirmation that Jason Todd was Robin in the interim and died. Jaime's conversation with Impulse about Ray Palmer was nice, and it's interesting to see that they have the memorial for both "the Team" and the League in the same place. I only saw three - Robin, Tula, and Ray-BB, did I miss any?

The main story was very good, if particularly brutal for GA - poor Ollie, it was good of Arrow!Roy to stick up for him after Arsenal!Roy crushed him like that. Wonder how he'll react if he meets Jim Harper? Not much else to do for the others, but the girls did get a particularly fun moment and I wonder if we'll meet Rocket's husband/if he's anybody famous?

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It bothers me that Speedy defaulted so readily to attempted murder; I would've hoped Ollie would've raised him better than that. And he was appeased somewhat too easily in the wake of that.
Well, we already knew Roy had something of a powerful temper and was prone to buck authority when his world hadn't been turned upside down and spent five years on ice. It's disappointing, no doubt for Ollie too, but I'm not sure how much we can blame Ollie.

Speaking of, have we seen Black Canary this season at all?

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What surprised me was when Mercy bled, and made sounds of pain. I figured she was a full-on android, but apparently she's a cyborg. Which is kind of horrifying if you think about it, given how robotic she usually is. Just how voluntary was this transformation? How much of the original person is left, both physically and otherwise?
For a moment I wondered if they were going to have Arsenal!Roy kill Mercy and then have Lex make him an offer to take her place.

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...a couple fun scenes with the girls. I loved Captain Cold's reaction when the girls broke free of his ice.
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