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Re: 7X05 The Angels Take Manhattan (Grading/Discussion) (SPOILERS!)

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^I thought it was called Freedom Tower as well
They stopped calling it that when NY Gov. Pataki left office. That was his name, and it was steeped in the same kind of half-baked jingoism that brought the world "freedom fries". The building is 1 World Trade Center, as opposed to the complete 7 World Trade and also-under-construction 4 World Trade Center (2 & 3 are stalled due to economy, 5 is in the early planning stages, there is no 6).

And this episode was really awful. Seems they were just itching to get rid of A&R so they could get started on the "real" episodes. They spent the whole episodes talking about plot devices, rather than using said devices to tie up character or story arcs. The plot devices don't even gel with previous appearances of the same plot device, I know this show isn't about 100% continuity (it's part of the fun), but I expect things to be self-adhering in the same episode. Meh. Just...lots of wasted time and potential.
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