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I just bought some Edison-style light bulbs for my place, and I *love* them. I hate a cool blue light, and these give off a great warm glow that I really enjoy.

Here's a pic of what I'm talking about:

I love the look, reminding me a little of Nixie tubes. However, they use even more energy than the filament light bulbs that are being phased out. Kind of sad, really... Hopefully one day they'll be able to make a warm LED light with fiber optics in such a way as to mimic this timeless old design.

I like the idea of LED lighting, but I'm just waiting until the technology evolves a little more for the screw socket format. Most of them are too expensive or not warm enough.

I have a Z-Bar light for my piano, which has 6 LEDs installed with the daylight shade (instead of cool), and it's a terrific light... except for the interface (no direct "off" switch; you have to click down to "0" from whatever intensity is set). One of the best LED desk lamps I've found thus far.
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