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Re: Insurrection as an episode...

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1) You know TV tropes had a debate about whether it was right to relocate the Ba'ku or not and someone mentioned something I found interesting, which is that there was nothing in the film to indicate that the Ba'ku were theses selfish bastards like some fans seem to think.

2) I find it disturbing that some fans not only think that every planet in a certain area belongs to the federation regardless of if the people living their have joined it or not or are not living in a federation colony and that they seem to think this doesn't count as imperialism in any way and that it is in fact a good thing.

1. This is simply incorrect. There are many things to indicate this, including the fact that they DIDN'T SHARE WHAT THEY FOUND WITH ANYONE ELSE. And indeed, that there was no indication that they would ever consider doing so.

2. I find it disturbing that some fans think that the property rights of a small village outweighs the welfare of billions, and that by throwing around the buzzword "imperialism," they can obfuscate that central part of the so-called "dilemma."
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