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Fantastic Four inspiration - Angry Red Planet?

Backing up to 1961. Not the modern FF where the Thing calls people "dude", Invisible "Woman" Sue Storm is a sexpot/scientist, and Reed is some kind of wunderkind nerd. No, the original FF. Reed Richards, pipe-smoking paternal scientist, his old college roommate Ben Grimm, who hails directly from the lower East side - both of them WWII veterans (which puts them over 35 when the action starts), Reed's much younger shy girlfriend, and her hotheaded kid brother, who snuck onto the air force base because conditions were just perfect that night to launch their rocketship. Yeah, you can argue the logic all you want, but that's not the point.
The point is... this seems to fit right in with 1950s sci fi movies, especially Angry Red Planet, which I happened to catch last night (substitute Brooklyn for the lower East side and a redhead for the blonde and you've pretty much got it nailed).
Admittedly, and ironically, the girl on that crew did happen to be a scientist, though you'd never know it from the way she acted.

When this comparison occurred to me, it also occurred to me how much of the original characterization of the FF has been lost.

Any thoughts?
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