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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Well those, I think possibly Fate/Zero, and most things Gundam, with I think Gundam Seed topping the chart, or prehaps Gundam Unicorn (which is having a similar lease style as Yamato 2199).

Gundam have pretty much been around the entire time since the late 1970s. Yamato went mostly quiet for a decade or two. It didn't vanish, as you could find parodies and homages to it almost every year. But the old girl herself stayed quiet on television.

Now with the number of theaters expanding for the Chatper 3 release...I wonder if "Yamato Fever" will strike again.

(The 10 minute preview for Episode 7 was released today by Bandai Channel (region locked)...there will be copies of it around the internet at least until the episode is released in two weeks.)
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