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Re: Did Vader ever fathom that Palpatine was Darth Sideous?

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Every Clone trooper and Battle Droid in the entire SW Galaxy could be dropped in Kansas tomorrow and fight a war and we'd barely notice.
We wouldn't notice a minimum of three million clonetroopers and a droid army of at least three hundred million?

As for this assertion that battles in the Clone Wars did not "rip up entire planets" and that battles were "equivalent to small skirmishes from a modern perspective," I suggest perusing the Clone Wars entry at Wookiepedia, because you definitely are not describing an accurate scope of the conflict.

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hyzmarca wrote:
The Jedi are a few hundred guys, tops.
More like a hundred hundred.
I've been doing some searching, and the most common number I can find is 10,000 Jedi at the time of TPM. This number is contradicted on whether that was the entirety of the Order, or merely the number of Jedi on Coruscant at that time. Some citations seem to come from the novelization for TPM, and others are citing Episode I: The Visual Dictionary. Do you recall where you got the hundred thousand number from?
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