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Re: Can Capitalism be replaced ?

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Capitalism encourages entrepreneurship and innovation. Profit potential motivates people to build and grow. Competition prods entrpreneurs to stay one step ahead.

Everything we have in the modern world was built either directly or indirectly through competition in the marketplace.

There is no better system ever conceived by humans.
Slavish devotion to a single ideological worldview is rarely healthy, and usual counterproductive, because it stiffens innovation and suppresses entrepreneurship through the elimination of competitive forces.

A capitalist, especially a capitalist, should know that.

Yeah, ok. Trying to build up your post count?
Just pointing out the obvious logical fallacy in your post. I post enough crap on this board to ever worry about my post count.

On the other hand, maybe you should think things through instead of getting snippy when you get called on your sloppy and ideologically-blinded reasoning.
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