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Re: Is fantasy more popular than science fiction? If so why?

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I mean the fact that he was repulsed by reading a book about dragons, but he's perfectly happy to read a book about SPACE dragons. You know, making fun of the elitist sci-fi types for looking down on fantasy for no real reason?
Well, given his approximate age and when the books were published (circa 1970's), I was going to chalk it up to youthful prejudice, incidentally to which he was confessing. I await his clarification.
Conscious Circuits is correct. In the days of my misspent youth, I avoided the books because I thought they were fantasy books, a genre I wasn't fond of. (Mostly because nothing I read in the genre managed to hook me like LOTR) Nothing against fantasy, it's fans or dragons, really. I just didn't care for it back then. These days I'm more than happy to read books about dragons. The last book I read was A Dance With Dragons and before that, the fantasy book The Wind Through the Keyhole. Currently I'm reading Sky Dragons and The Sisterhood of Dune.
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