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Re: The Genesis planet...

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but far away enough at the speed the wave would likely be traveling that it couldn't have reached and reformed the planet as fast as it did in the film.
Yet time enough for a completely new planet to form?
well seeing as genesis tends to do the planet forming thing quickly thats likely not as mush of an issue as traveling a considerable distance and not only still having the energy to reform Regula but to do so before Spock dies from radiation poisoning.

Besides the view of the Genesis planet makes it look like the planet is just forming since it looks like magma is floating around it.

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Plus you have yet to explain just why the genesis wave would zero in on that particular planet.
Who said anything about "zeroing in"? Explosions expand in all directions in a vacuum.
And yet by doing so the Enterprise would have to travel pretty far away from the area to not have everyone killed by genesis if this was the case, and they didn't seem to go far time wise.

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It was a shockwave from an exploding moon that may or may not have been subspace based not an energy wave that reforms a planet, it's apples and oranges
Yeah, but the exploding warp-core and all that anti-matter in the Reliant aren't a factor?
Well seeing as warp core breaches don't work the way they would have to your scenario work.

No, they aren't a factor.

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Why should this be a problem? We never get any indication that the nebula would for be a barrier for the Genesis wave in any manner. Obviously, it is going to reach Kirk's starship unless Kirk goes to warp - so just as obviously, it's going to reach a planetoid that Kirk only very recently departed at damaged impulse.
Perhaps it wasn't the Genesis Wave that was the threat Kirk was trying so desperately to warp away from. Perhaps it was just that at the painfully slow speed at which they were lumbering away from the Reliant and with shields non-functional, that the detonation of the ship's matter/antimatter reactors, whether by Genesis or otherwise, would destroy Kirk's ship.
No, they specifically were running from the Genesis detonation.
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