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Re: Was Amy's "present" always the future?

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My personal Ponds timeline, based on my own guesses:

1989: Amelia Pond and Rory Williams are born ("The Eleventh Hour;" "The Big Bang;" "Let's Kill Hitler")

1996: The Doctor encounters Amelia Pond and Prisoner Zero for the first time; this meeting is later erased from the timeline, though both retain their memories of the event ("The Eleventh Hour;" "The Big Bang")

1996 onwards: Amy Pond recalls the Raggedy Doctor, despite their encounter having been erased from history; her best friend Mels becomes similarly fixated ("Let's Kill Hitler")

2008: The Doctor returns to Leadworth, defeats Prisoner Zero and the Atraxi, and encounters Amy Pond and Rory Williams; this event is later re-written out of history, though all three parties retain their memories of the event ("The Eleventh Hour;" "The Big Bang")

2010: Marriage of Amy Pond and Rory Williams; the Doctor takes Amy with him, and then Rory; the events of Series Five are erased from the timeline by Big Bang 2.0, though the Doctor's restoration to history at the Pond wedding ensures that Williams, Pond, and the Doctor retain their memories of these events ("The Eleventh Hour;" "Flesh and Stone;" "The Vampires of Venice;" "The Pandorica Opens;" "The Big Bang")

2011: Amy Pond and Rory Williams travel to Utah and witness the "death" of the Doctor; Amy's friend Mels is revealed to have been the third regeneration of Melody Pond, the future River Song; the Doctor gives them a house ("The Impossible Astronaut;" "Let's Kill Hitler;" "The God Complex;" "The Wedding of River Song")

25 December 2012: The Doctor returns to the Ponds for the first time after faking his death ("The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe")

2012 - 2020: The Doctor and the Ponds intermittently travel with the Doctor (Pond Life)

2020: Rory Williams is 31 years old; Rory and Amy are tired of these motherfucking dinosaurs on this motherfucking spaceship ("Dinosaurs on a Spaceship")

2020-2021: Earth invaded by cubes; Amy and Rory leave with the Doctor again ("The Power of Three")

2012: Amy and Rory, having traveled from the year 2021, are displaced to 1938 by the Weeping Angels ("The Angels Take Manhattan")
I agree with much of that, but, I think 2012 - 2020 is far too much Time. The Pond-Williams' have aged 10 years traveling with the Doctor, but, they'll leave a party for 6 weeks, and then pop back into the party, and go on several adventures, then get dropped off back on the day they left. A couple years for the first couple seasons, seems reasonable, and seems to fit, but, the 8 years of aging this season, I think is mostly not passing time for their friends.

2 years s1 and S2
1 1/2 Years for The Cubes

Of the 6 1/2 years remaining, I wouldn't think more than 2/3 of it has passed for their friends
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