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Disappointing page-a-day calendar 2013

I picked this up last Thursday night. It's been some years since we got one of these and at first glance it looks to be the same format as previous years. It's packed in the usual cardboard box. $US 14.99 (one from 2003, ten years ago was $US 12.99). But...

I was surprised it was quotes and info only - no pictures! I doubt mine was a misprint.

Of course, a text-only calendar pad would be much cheaper to reproduce. New fans wouldn't know the difference. Older collectors buy it and don't realise it is text-only until they get it home; I assume some will return it for a refund. Casual buyers picking it up for Christmas gift-giving probably don't find until until after December 31 that it has no pics.

Just a heads-up for those pondering about getting it.
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