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Sons of Mogh... AWFUL ending

I'm really enjoying my run through of Deep Space Nine, but every once and a while, something happens that really bugs me.

This is one of those times. Sons of Mogh is one of the worst episodes of the series. What makes it even more annoying, is that the episode is pretty good up until the resolution. But the ending was so horrible and disgusting that it totally devalued the rest of the episode. That was the biggest cop out I've ever seen in this show. Not only that, but it was totally character assassination for Doctor Bashir. No honorable and good doctor would EVER erase someone's memory without their consent, and the fact that this was Worf's idea made him seem very dishonorable. Not only that, but Miss "I respect and love klingon culture" Jadzia Dax seems very anti-klingon culture in this episode. She talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk.

I read that Ron Moore said that "it wasn't hard to imagine Worf coming to Bashir and explaining the situation, and Bashir saying 'okay well that's your culture'"... Moore said that he just wasn't interested in writing that. I don't buy it. I can't imagine Bashir saying that, and it's NOT klingon culture to dishonorably erase your brothers memory. I think Moore just didn't know what to do here.

This episode pissed me off. It especially pissed me off because Tony Todd as Kurn was always extremely entertaining, and they basically threw his character away for no good reason in this episode. At LEAST have him die honorably in combat, with a satisfied look on his face. But no, instead, as a result of an extremely non-klingon and dishonorable decision by worf, Kurn is reduced to an empty shell at the end.

Also some cringe inducing Worf/Dax flirtation. I'd accuse the DS9 writers of ignoring the previously established "Rough klingon" style of romance that appeals to worf (we see this with kheylar[sp]), but the TNG writers already did that when they paired him up with Troi, so I give the ds9 writers a pass here. They were just following the pattern that TNG set.

I'm going to pretend this never happened, and move on. Ds9 is a great show, but they really screw the pooch occasionally. (Yes, so did TOS and TNG, but this one really annoyed me because it ruined a great character, and made me lose respect for Ds9worf and bashir)
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