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Re: Disappointing DVD releases

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The dvd release of Due South is really bad. I guess that the company that put them out tried to save money by putting too many episodes on one disc. The picture quality is sub VHS on most episodes. I agree with the poster who complained about different packaging for different seasons of the same show. I have all 5 seasons of Alias and the box for each season is smaller than the last. No two are alike.
You mean Platinum Disc (now Echo Bridge in the US and Alliance in Canada)? I still remember when I ran across my first DVD from them, I was quite shocked at the quality plus the fact that no one apparently bothered too let the DVD artist know the correct title of the show (the DVD case said USA's Dumbest Crooks, but the actual show was called 'America's Dumbest Crooks').

But with the STTMP Director's Edition, I was talking to someone from the design team about two years ago, and while the files most likely still exist, the models would have too be rebuilt from scratch, since the models were designed at 480i, and as such they would not be able to be up converted too HD.
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