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Re: How is Janeway sexy? (Part II)

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How... HOW is Janeway sexy?

(a Spalko creation)
Don't know why,but scar makes her sexier.

OK OK i'm a freakazoid.

Naturally I'd say: NO! Janeway doesn't need scars to be sexy! But I do agree. It suits her. Lots of fanfic is usually about having her injured in one way or the other - to make her vulnerable and set an inviting frame for certain interactions with certain crew members. An attempt to peel the captain off the woman.

To cite teacake here: "She can be tightly wound. Control, she's her hardest taskmaster. I suppose that's part of the appeal, unwinding her.."

Speaking of appeal:

I always found the idea of two Janeways highly interesting. There is even fanfic about it. (Although I was a bit disappointed, when I read that story.)
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