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Re: will star trek ever return to prime universe?

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That's the thing. I suspect people have different ideas about what is essentially "Star Trek." As a storyteller, I always find it little off-putting when people put abstract "principles" ahead of the basics of story, character, emotion, and drama. And as an old-school TOS partisan, I tend to object when people try to apply TNG-era standards to classic TOS, which really doesn't fit that mold at all.
I have to agree with this

Me, I grew up on TOS so that's still my touchstone where Trek is concerned, although I enjoyed the later series to various degrees--and have even written for most of them!
Meh, I'm 24 and grew up during the TNG/DS9 era and I tend to perfer TOS.

Greg Cox wrote: View Post
All I know is that the show I grew up on was not afraid of letting its characters wrestle with anger, jealousy, etcetera, on occasion, like the half-civilized "child race" we were. And the final frontier was not always as squeaky-clean as some people want to pretend it was . . . .
This right here is why I tend to perfer TOS

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(I'm trying to imagine the Trekkie response if they announced that they were going back to the original timeline--but only up to Star Trek: The Motion Picture.)
Considering I perfer TWOK and the movies that came after and think TMP was kind of boring I would be annoyed.
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