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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'm pretty out of it (obviously), and I was never really good at this part of the game anyways, so I'll ask:

How do I make money? I know there's a bunch of guides on how to get dilithium, and they pretty much all say the same thing, so that's not really my concern. No, I want EC.

I gather the key is getting stuff to sell on the Exchange (recycling equipment doesn't seem to be cutting it). But what do people buy? Just purples, or are greens (or even blues) good too? I'm max level on both my characters, so it's mostly a factor of getting good drops, right?

I can make about 2-3 million per day trading, but it becomes boring after 15-20 min doing that, best way is to sell expensive consoles, when I was lt and lt.cmdr I won like 20-30 games at starbase 24 and all the rare gear I sold for fair price (price that wasn't blatant rip off) that gave me a massive income of around 7-8 million with that i did few other trades, and crafting but this was before nonsense with stupid uncomon materials came about, so you need dilithium for that, now I make loads of dilithium (around 25k per day) but problem is you can only refine like 8k per day, so there's a limit.

U can also do missions, loads of missions and sell consoles and stuff you get as reward, that can make loads of dosh as well, just don't ask for million credits for something that isn't worth more than 10 000.

Best trade is rare stuff, or if you are good at crafting (over 1700 research points) than you can make some Aegis stuff, that sells well, well as long its not a rip off, also bare in mind you are limited to 10 million credits, reason why I decided to buy ship modules which go for 5 million a pop, i have 4 modules now, but not sure if I can expand my bank so I can have more than 10 million credits, (I can't be having 50 ship modules, what if said item price falls, and i lose loads of dosh).

Also try to earn some credits by using your duty officers, I have 56 DOFFs and they are constantly doing missions, and they can earn you some nice income, I make around 50 000 credits from them alone each day.

BTW you can make even more if you have more DOFFs, i presume limit is 100, so you can earn 100 000 per day, theoretically.
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